Below are the team projects I completed while I was attending DePaul University. As student work, it’s definitely rough around the edges if not barely playable. Still, these projects were important in forming me into the indie gamedev that I am today



A game about an octopus who must do chores around the house to keep his family from realizing that he is not a human! I worked as the Project Lead on this strange physics-based fatherhood simulator. Made for the 2011 Independent Games Festival.

For a download or more information, please visit


Time Walker:

My capstone project at DePaul. In this 3d adventure platformer, you’re a witch who can stop time within a limited space. On Timewalker I did environment concepting/modeling and some level design.

Download Time Walker


Circle of Life:

Made for Indie City Games two-week summer Game Jam. It’s an asymmetrical arcade versus game where players take turns trying to tie animals to balloons and send them into space, or hurling animals to pop those balloons.

I did the pixel art and game design. I do not have a build for this game, which is a shame.


Painter’s Colic:

A lemmings-like puzzle game, you play a victorian painter who has gone mad from lead poisoning. This game was created for, and won, DePaul’s project Nightlight, Spring 2010. I contributed environment art and some animation.

Download Painter’s Colic


Toon Doom:

It’s an Unreal 3 mod where you race your friends to the finish while committing cartoon antics and springing traps. I worked on character, environment, and concept art. Toon Doom was a finalist in phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal contest.

Download Toon Doom