Below are the team projects I completed while I was attending DePaul University. By now many of these are quite dated, but I have a soft, nostalgic spot for them so don’t judge too harshly!


A game about an octopus who must do chores around the house to keep his family from realizing that he is not a human! I worked as the Project Lead on this strange physics-based fatherhood simulator. Made for the 2011 Independent Games Festival.

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In this puzzle platformer, the player controls a witch with a time-manipulating magic watch, who must journey through a frozen world to find several artifacts and restore the proper flow of time. The mechanics center around stopping time within a cylinder, and messing with physics. This was a team project, done for our DePaul game development capstone.

Kevin Geisler: Project Lead/Programming Lead/Audio
Irvin Chavira: Producer
Kevin Zuhn: Art Lead/Design
Michael Tisdale: Art
Nick Esparza: Art
Tony Perkins: Design
Ivan Nikitin: Programming/Production

Circle of Life:

Made for Indie City Games two-week summer Game Jam. Circle of Life is a two-player versus game where players take turns either launching alien animals into space with balloons or picking up and throwing animals to pop balloons. Players switch off roles between rounds, and after two rounds the player who released the most animals into space is the winner.

(Download coming soon)

View the Circle of Life Design Document

Angel Mortega: Programming
Sebastian Gosztyla: Programming
Andrew Mortega: Sound
Kevin Zuhn: Design/Art


Painter’s Colic:

A lemmings-like puzzle game, you play a victorian painter who has gone mad from lead poisoning. He believes that he must lead a parade of dapper paint men up through the city, until he can reach the moon. Of course, sacrifices must be made, as he smashes paint men to form bridges, ladders, and other aids in order to get the rest of the parade to the exit. This game was created for, and won, DePaul’s project Nightlight, Spring 2010.

Download Painter’s Colic

Aaron Ditman: Production Lead/Programming
Mike MacDermaid: Programming
Johnny Owens: Programming
Phil Tibitosky: Programming
Noah Johnson: Design
Dan Kristoff: Design
Ashley Ruhl: Art
Kevin Zuhn: Art

Voice Acting: Mike McCullough

Toon Doom:

This group project is a mod for Unreal Tournament 3. I worked on character, environment, and concept art. Toon Doom was a finalist in phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal contest.

Download Toon Doom

Irvin Chavira, producer (
Dan Loane, lead designer/lead programmer (
Tony Perkins, level designer ( My thanks to Tony for the gameplay video.
Andrew Sallwasser, environment artist (

Kevin Zuhn, environment artist/character artist (