Here you can find a variety of short-form games, unfinished ideas, and really old projects I’ve done. Generally nothing here ever got released to the public (probably for good reason), but I find some value in keeping these bits around.


Paper Prototypes:


A competitive card game of theft and gambling for 4 people. Players take the role of thieves after a heist, trying to get their hands on a briefcase full of gold. You’ll need blank index cards and some tokens in order to play.

Goldcase Rules

Wine and Die:

A sophisticated card game of tricks and bluffs for 3-6 players. Players are socialites at a fancy dinner, each secretly trying to poison the others while drinking only spirits themselves. You’ll need a deck of cards and some blank index cards to play.

Wine and Die Rules

Kill The Bloody Bastard:

KTBB is a card game for 3-6 people. The last player left alive wins, and it’s everyone for themselves. Players attempt to eliminate each other with a combination of direct attacks and subterfuge. Manipulating private information, bluffing wildly, and tricking other players is an integral part of the game. KTBB can be played with two decks of playing cards.

KTBB Rules

Sir Reality:

This is a tricky puzzle game where the player must flip environment tiles and monster tiles to progress through a maze. Some monsters are natural enemies and the player must exploit their behaviors to win. Constructing this game from scratch is equally tricky, but the rules are here in case anybody wants to try.

Sir Reality Rules


Text-Based Adventures:

I included these in the writing section rather than the game design section because I feel they make a better example for the former than the latter.¬† If you want to try playing them, you’ll need an interpreter like Gargoyle.

You can download Gargoyle here.

Infinite Illogistics:

This is a game about a disgruntled servant who must complete chores for his wizard master. Those chores include vanquishing a powerful undead sorcerer. You must use mystical devices in the tower to take apart and re-create words in order to solve puzzles and pass challenges.

Download Infinite Illogistics

Havocon ’08:

This game is set within a convention. You are trying to get to a secret talk by the professionals, but there are a host of strange con-goers in your way. You need to negotiate with them and figure out what they want. You also get dehydrated as you walk around, so be sure to drink water now and again.

Download Havocon08



Roleplaying Games:

Hysteria RPG:

An RPG made in classic RPGMaker2003. It is about a young man named Lum who must undertake a journey to save his muddy hometown from being bulldozed into a new themepark. My goal in making this was to create RPG characters that were dynamic and interesting, and what’s more, to give every NPC a unique personality, history, and a solid reason for existing.

This demo of the game has several dungeons, towns, and a few minigames to play with. This game contains swearing and suggestive language.

Download Hysteria

Bleak City:

Bleak City is an online roleplaying game that I started years ago. It is currently inactive, but while it was going, it inspired me to do a lot of projects. It is set in an alternate future in which magic and technology co-exist. Within the confines of a massive metropolis a great deal of fantasy creatures engage in an all-out power struggle, with many factions vying for control of the city.

Bleak City Game System

Bleak City Forum Website

Words of Power:

The foundation for another roleplaying game. In Words of Power, players learn magic words which allow them to change reality. However, they must hunt down a physical incarnation of that word in order to learn it. Even then, if a person uses the magic words too much, their jaw just might fall off. It’s a tidy little system that I hope to use in the future.

Words of Power Game System


Other Writing:

These are various other things I’ve written, from short stories to screenplays.

True Art : A short story about two friends who dabble in art criticism.

Bleeding Hearts : A short screenplay about an assassin looking for love.

Sprocket : The beginning act of a screeenplay about a man who discovers a secret society beneath his basement.

The History of Bleak City : A narrative introduction to the setting and backstory of the Bleak City roleplaying game.


GameMaker Prototypes:

Saving Daylight:

Sheeps want to take your sleeps! Shoot some Z’s at them by clicking the left button and right mouse buttons. The monochromatic color hides not only the sneaky sheep, but your own attacks. Saving Daylight was created for the Ohr Game Jam. It was made in the one hour that is lost during Spring daylight savings time (therefore “zero hours”). You can check out the jam here.

Download Saving Daylight

Block Adventure:

Block Adventure is a platforming prototype with simple jumping and shooting mechanics. Use the arrow keys to move, X to jump, and Z to shoot. I created Block Adventure as a way to experiment with gml, and also to exercise the use of feedback and design with simple shapes in lieu of graphics.

Download Block Adventure

Train Combat:

Train combat is a prototype wherein a small, speedy train must dismantle a large, heavily armed train. Hold W to accelerate along the track, and hold S to decelerate and then reverse. Aim with the mouse and hold left mouse button to shoot. I created Train Combat to test whether restricting movement to a track could stay engaging and fun should I ever make a train-based fighting game.

Download Train Combat

Left Right Extreme:

Left Right Extreme is a top-down Zelda style dungeon adventure. The controls are simple as can be. Right arrow to move right, left arrow to move left. There are fireballs to dodge, enemies to outwit, objects to collect, and a final boss to conquer using only the powers of linear walking. I created this prototype to see if I could maintain a feeling of action and exploration within a hallway where you can’t fight.

Download Left Right Extreme

Father’s Day Game 2011:

This is an interactive card I made for my dad on Father’s Day of 2011. It’s a hidden object game, find the objects on each screen and click on them. My dad loves hidden object games, so I decided to try making one for him overnight!

Download Father’s Day Game 2011

Mouth Poopin:

“Mouth Poopin” is the term I use to describe saying foul language in a public place. This prototype takes the phrase more literally. Try to get a high score by doing what comes naturally. Hold the mouse button to charge a shot, and release to fire. I made this game on a dare, play it at your own peril.

Download Mouth Poopin